Energy and Water Audits
We all know we could do more around the home and offices to save energy, but where to start? Audits will be able to highlight out where wastage could be taking place.

We collect and analyse information about usage over a period of time and come up with energy efficient ways to consume energy and eliminate waste

Residential Eco Audits

We do a thorough walkabout, look at your home from a holistic point of view to come up with several alternatives that offer saving in terms of energy, the environment, and water.
This will involve minor changes but will also carefully highlight the possible return on investment.
It is important to note that, while some of the biggest energy savers require time and money there are still plenty of life style changes you can make that will save energy and money.

Awareness Drives/ Campaigns

Sometimes the easiest wins in being energy and water efficient come from small behavioural changes that we can implement as people, both in our homes and the workplace.
We at Okano conduct awareness drives for business to help their workforce understand the importance of preserving both these scarce resources.