About Us

Okano Energy & Water Solutions is a professional services company that specializes in turnkey energy and water solutions for residential, commercial and Industrial sectors.

We all have to be concerned with the increasing costs of electricity and shortage of water that our country is currently experiencing and as such, Okano has committed to helping homeowners and business to eliminate energy and water waste, thereby reducing utility bills and greenhouse gasses at the same time.

People all over the world are taking measures to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of the way they currently live. Energy costs are going to escalate even further in the coming years.


Business is equally affected as a lack power will result in a loss of income. Most organizations can save up to 20% on their energy bills simply by better managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measures.


To interactively and enthusiastically realize an energy and water efficient South Africa that provides a bright and better quality of life for all.


Is to foster partnerships and create a cleaner South Africa by working together with homeowners and business to improve the quality of our local environment.


Our core values are founded on the following fundamentals:

Integrity: OKANO is committed to the highest standard of integrity, based on honesty and professionalism.

Commitment: We are committed to participate in solving national challenges relating to energy management and wasteful consumption of water.

Cost Effective: Our solutions are geared towards minimising energy and water expenditures, both for homeowners and business.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction remains critical to our success. As a result, we will endeavour to anticipate customer needs and deliver on our promise